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Re: This and That
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Canon has not given any specific indication what their target might be for a higher-resolution full frame or medium format camera.  Unless I am mistaken, the "10,000s of customers" line is not in the original.
Since 10,000 is plural, we'll use 20,000 for the short end.
For the love of...

"How many (including 1 x) 10,000s" seems perfectly acceptable, especially in Japanese.

However, the line of the original translation does not read that way.  Here are the relevant couple of lines from the original:
I don't see any mention of an actual targeted number.  For "10,000s" you would expect to see the character 万 somewhere.

Google's translation:
"However, in the early to talk about specific plans at this time, but research has naturally. Ultimately assess the market demand, I will go and whether we will reach a camera such as Canon do."

The OCN translation:
"It isn't in the stage which can speak about a clear plan in the present, but it's being studied of course. I think request from a market will be ascertained finally, and thinks what kind of camera to take out from now on and goes as Canon."

On Keith Cooper's Google+ translation line, a Mr. Ellis Vener has offered a "rough translation."  It is there that the "10,000s of customers" line originates.  I believe this is just his opinion of their likely business strategy, similar to how I often write what I think Canon is doing or ought to be, but usually I do not put my own words in their mouth.
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Re: This and That
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Re: This and That
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Canon Buys Mamiya [CR1]

Mamiya was bought by Phase One. I don't think tat it is for sale.


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Re: Mirrorless ILC
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I'd love to see a NEX-style camera that could take EF mount lenses, either directly or through an adapter like Sony has for their alpha lenses.

Howabout a G series replacement being rangefinder style body - APS-C, EF-S mount, mirrorless with Olympus electronic vewfinder. That would see off Fuji etc - 18mp from the 7D, 2fps.


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Re: This and That
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mirroless a niche market? now 20% of market shares in Japan, and still growing!!!

I definitly think that Canon should join micro4/3 consortium.
If they don't have mirorless offer, they will loose a growing (and in the future significant) part of their market.

If they adress this market with one more proprietary solution, they will be "one among many"... they would not get a great visibility on the market.

If they choose micro-4/3, that is in my opinion the best balance betwen compacity (for cam, but also and mostly for lenses) and quality, they would contribute to credibilize and valour the micro 4.3 concept.. and will be "One among only 3 cam manufacturers (Pana, Canon and Oly)"... and this will be a big hurt for other mirroless cam manufacturer who choose proprietary solutions
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Re: This and That
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