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Canon Rumors:
Share Lens Giveaway Contest! Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. The amount of entries exceeded all expectations. Combing through them all has proven to be one of the most daunting things I have done here at Canon Rumors. Congratulations to everyone who entered. Good luck to all the finalists! The first finalists have been posted in the forum. Astrophotography and Underwater are the first categories up. I will be adding 2 categories a day. Day 1 Finalists (December 8)
* Astrophotography Finalists
* Underwater Finalists Day 2 Finalists (December 9)
* Event Finalists
* Creative Lighting Finalists Day 3 Finalists (December 10)
* Macro Finalists
* Abstract Finalists Day 4 Finalists (December 11)
* Flora Finalists
* Action & Sports Finalists Day 5 Finalists (December 16)
* Black & White
* Street Day 6 Finalists (December 18)
* Wildlife
* People Day 7 Finalists (December 20)
* Landscape cr

J. McCabe:
Aren't the 3rd & 9th photos identical ?

Way to go to the finalists, really great photography.


--- Quote from: J. McCabe on December 08, 2011, 12:37:25 PM ---Aren't the 3rd & 9th photos identical ?

--- End quote ---

same photographer, very similar photo, almost appears one is a long exposure, and the second one is several long exposures stacked

These are simply spectacular!  Congratulation to all the finalist!


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