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*UPDATE* First Contest Finalists Up

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--- Quote from: real memories on December 09, 2011, 12:26:05 PM ---wow canonrumors guy must be blind or just really was overwhelmed with this contest cause let me say the concert stuff i put up is way better then the ones he picked  this contest is a joke man really its not about whats good its about what he thinks is good i am not just speaking for me i am talking about all the better photos that were there by other photographers

WOW i am blown away on the picks some have no biz being in this
looks to me as this was rushed and mot well looked over

sorry man i have to call you out cause i think ya didnt really look at whats good and not photoshopped 

Just sayn

--- End quote ---

I looked at all the photos you posted, and I wouldn't have chosen them either.  Not top ten overall, not top ten of their category, not even top ten on the page they were posted on.  I'm not trying to be overly harsh, just give my honest opinion.

There are a lot of excellent photographers here (sadly, I'm NOT one of them), and some tough competition.  I wish you better luck next time.

Wow what an inspiring set of shots, some really amazing stuff, good luck to all the finalists :).

The selections are simply wonderful. I enjoyed them.


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