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*UPDATE* First Contest Finalists Up

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--- Quote from: J. McCabe on December 08, 2011, 12:37:25 PM ---Aren't the 3rd & 9th photos identical ?

--- End quote ---

I fixed that, they are different photos, but I didn't mean to post both.

Congrats to the first 20 finalist pictures!!! They are truly fantastic.  The interesting part is that 20 pictures does not equal 20 finalists in any way... special congrats to both 5D Freak and Waso, both with 4 pictures each out the 20 pictures selected.  You two alone have 40% of the pictures so far chosen.  Congrats to you both.

Best regards,
ps. I posted this on the wrong thread before, sorry.

Wow. Some of the pics are breathtaking!!

real memories:
wow canonrumors guy must be blind or just really was overwhelmed with this contest cause let me say the concert stuff i put up is way better then the ones he picked  this contest is a joke man really its not about whats good its about what he thinks is good i am not just speaking for me i am talking about all the better photos that were there by other photographers

WOW i am blown away on the picks some have no biz being in this
looks to me as this was rushed and mot well looked over

sorry man i have to call you out cause i think ya didnt really look at whats good and not photoshopped 

Just sayn

Huh, that's kinda funny, because after going back and looking thru the submissions and pick on astro and underwater, I was about to compliment CR guy for how good his picks were.  With a possible exception or two, I think he was pretty right on.

And if you don't like the parameters of the contest, which are "CR guy narrows it down to 10" then pick a different contest.  Nothing says he has to have the same tastes as any of the rest of us.


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