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Author Topic: got first L lens from B&H, now what to do with kit lens? and first impressions..  (Read 6848 times)


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I gave away both my 18-55 & 55-250 to the neighbor's daughter. She has an old XS and the lens has a scratch and chip in the front lens. So I just gave them away instead of them collecting dust.  She is taking a photography class in High School and her parents don't extra money to spend on lens. I think she's used the lens more than I ever have. I've gave that girl all kinds of stuff I don't use anymore.

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Congratulations! I got mine 2 weeks ago!

I suggest to use it as much as possible to see if you are comfortable with your camera/lens combination...

I personally find it big and heavy so I am keeping my 70-200 f/4L IS too (although there is an overlap here)

I think I will use the f 2.8 version mostly for portraits, action and low light ... assuming I will not have to
walk for a long time with a lot of gear.  In that case it is the f/4 version (which will allow me to bring with me one more lens for the same total weight and space in the bag...)

Enjoy your lens... :)

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