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EOS 7D Mark II? ;]


Son of Daguerre:
Take a look here, at the photo for the eighth listed product. What's that caption say?

(It's a pop-up flash body - see this.)


They probably messed up sine they were showing the 5D mk II before and they were tired and put the mk. II after the 7D not realizing they made an error. I wouldn't be too excited.

Son of Daguerre:
Neither would I. Hence the ";]" in the heading.

cool link, I had not seen that page before and there were definitely some neat setups I'd never heard of.  i do wonder what the replacement timeline is going to look like for the 7D ... the old "3-year replacement cycle" for higher end bodies looks like it's obsolete as a means of predicting when canon will upgrade its bodies


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