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Leopard Lupus:
I am 100% new to prints. I have years of experience in black and white 35mm film photography, so making prints from negatives is something I am familiar with. Now for digital, where can i send in photos to have them printed (correctly) for a reasonable fee? Are there online sources I can send files to and have them send prints via mail? I am using a 5D mk ll for these and looking for the highest quality possible. Nothing like massive posters, but simply for holiday gifts or future projects.
Thanks in advance!
P.S. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong forum

I use Mpix, and AdoramaPix also has a good reputation.

Mt Spokane Photography:
You can even go to Costco and get good prints on a variety of papers for a good price.  Lots of good choices.

I did some fine art reproductions for some prints that I had showing in a nice gallery in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC. The prints were handled by Staple Fine Art Services (not to be confused with the office supply place. There is a link here if you'd like to look.

I've always used Bay Photo. Good work, fast and price competitive.

They do a color corrected 8 X 10 for $3.50. If you trust your color, it's $1.79. Add $1.50 for shipping. I don't know how they do it, but they 2nd-day air ship UPS to me for that $1.50. Here's my last order:

ORDER SUMMARY:    Total Charges: $22.54
Qty    Product Code    Product
1    DR810    8 x 10
1    DR812    8 x 12
1    DR1114    11 x 14
1    DR811    8.5 x 11

I used metallic paper, and that adds 15% to print charge. It's also archival quality and makes things pop pretty well.

They also have a great range of options for mounting, display and photo products.


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