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Hi everyone this is my first post on the forum!

I though I'd add some pictures I took while out kiteboarding, in the UK, with my brother in October / November of this year:

The first two are from Brancaster on the North Norfolk coast and the second two are from Felixstowe on the Suffolk coast.  As you can probably guess there was a little post work done on the last one.

Hope you like them and would be nice to hear any comment if you have them.....
 can also check out more pics on my site here if you like.

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Nice shots, I like what you did with the last one.

Your link doesn't work, I had to adjust the url in the address bar but anyways, some great shots on your site, timelapse vids are also cool.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I've edited the links so they should be working ok now

I know this is very much a matter of taste and an artistic style, but I would have like to see your 3rd picture with the kiteboarder lighted up instead of as a shadow.  The last pic is very nice too.

Are you using a 7D?

Hi JR,

The lighting for the last two pictures were tricky, it was mid afternoon, not a particularly great day (weather-wise) and the sun was running parallel to the coast. I had to constantly adjust the settings while following the kiteboarders as they traversed the waves... and so had to do the best with the conditions, but I appreciated your point.

The first two where much simpler as it was early morning and the sun was coming from directly from behind the coast and lit up the subject very nicely.

I'm using a 550d / T2i.


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