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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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Here's another example where I ended up keeping a lot of the photos in color, but I had to do some serious color correcting to try and keep it.  In this photo, I turned the tint completely to the green side (-150) in Lightroom, the temp was very far on the blue side, and I turned the vibrance down to -17.  With the colors always changing and often different colors on different sides of the stage.  I think it was after this particular concert that I decided to keep the majority of my concert pics in B&W.

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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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I've noticed my 5D3 seems overly sensitive to the red color band.  Often times when I take a picture of someone wearing bright red, I need to scale the red luminosity in Lightroom down several notches to make it look more realistic. 

I don't have enough concert experience to confirm that, but one of my local buddies who has been giving me concert tips has mentioned the same thing.  One of his solutions is to simply wait for the yellow spotlights to come on.  Apparently oversaturated yellow is easier to fix than red or blue.

He has been shooting concerts for a few decades and prefers to be very selective when shooting.  As newbie to this genre, I go with the spray and pray style!  LOL
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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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I've shot quite a few concerts.  These photos are from my most recent one, just the other week.  I went in with my 5D3 and my recently acquired Nikon D3s (which has low light capabilities close to the 1Dx).  The colored lights from concerts have always been a bit wonky on my 5D3 (some pinks come out seriously saturated), so I tend to make most of my concert photos B&W.  I've also found I can get better shadow recovery from B&W than from color.

+1 to this. I have shot a few concerts and had a lot of stuff that is unusable in color (magenta=bad), but the second I B+W it they look amazing.
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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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One other thing.

If you are not using back button focus....change and do so!!

This will really help in concert shooting....get a focus lock where they are usually standing and then you can shoot as the moment arrives without having to focus button again....

Last time, I also tried (finally) learning about Canon's AI Servo mode...on the back button, I'd try to get focus on their eye and then hold it while shooting a number of frames, this also proved to helps at times, keeping them in focus during movement on stage, which always gives some good images....

I found last time I shot JazzFest here in NOLA, that it upped my rate of keepers greatly.<P>

Also,  I don't worry too much about the lights...bad lights are almost always fixed by going B&W as many others have stated. 

Also, let yourself listen and "get into" the music...each song.

I find that as I do that, I start anticipating when they'll hit a drum crash or they will react in a moment in a song and you get some great shots.

As I have done this more and more, I try to become cognizant of how the singer holds their mike and shoot the more open side of them where it isn't covering too much.

Great start...have fun!!!

Also, I've found if you are able to...get there early, and introduce yourself to the stage manager, make good friends...they may let you have more access.  Also, make GOOD FRIENDS with security!!!

I try to go up, introduce myself to them, shake hands....etc.

Very often, just doing this and being nice and excited to shoot, has gotten me on stage and access where all the other, sometimes jaded concert just end up staying for their 3 songs and out of the pit.

I love doing this stuff...have gotten some great shots, met some cool bands...etc.

I'm just hoping some groupies fall off the bandwagon and land on me!!



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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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This has been a fun read and I wish I wasn't so up in years or I'd get enthused too.  Being asthmatic has limited me a lot relative to venues over the years.

So I won't be up near some stage but I suspect the information presented here is useful in general so I'm going to soak it up.  Thanks guys.

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Re: My First Concert Shoot
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