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Long time viewer, short time member, first time topic poster.
I'm about to start a new job that will require me to travel & fly a fair bit. I am wanting to purchase a laptop to process my images on the run. I was wondering what would be your recommendations?
To date I really only post to the web. However I would like a screen that gives as true a colour representation as is possible in a laptop. (Can they be calibrated?). I would like to keep the cost under 1.5K, run PS and or LR. Hard drive space is not a major issue as removable drives are cheap enough these days. Do any of you process solely on a laptop or do you keep your image processing completely too your desktop?

On a MacBook Pro "15" quad with 16Gb RAM from OWC you almost have the processing capacity of a big Mac Pro from 2009/10... The display doesn't have hardware calibration but no laptop or iMac has it. Colour accuracy is not really given but enough for web. Think of a fast interface for an external HD eg eSATA or USB 3 if PC or Thunderbolt storage.
Aperture and PS +\- NIK do a very good job together on my Mac-s. I do all PP on my Mac Pro because of the 24 GB RAM I crammed I to it and because my MBP 17" is now 6 yrs old. Would never buy a 17" again.
I am happy that the PC phase is behind me.

Possibly a Mac Fan boy but I switched to a MacBook Pro, 2.66 iCore 7 with 4 GB RAM and never looked back.  I use PS CS5 daily with Aperture on this device with barely a noticeable lag c/w with my MacPro - for which I use the 27 LED screen for final touch ups prior to enlarging. I also use iPhoto as my family JPG backup viewer for the devoted wife - she makes Christmas cards and the occasional book, but hush, hush don't tell anyone ;)
C/w with my 'old' office PC, circa 2009 well there is no comparison - the Mac clearly starts up faster, processes faster and never crashes, so put one vote down for the MacBook Pro.
With the newer generation now offering the SSDs for your iOS and startup drive- it is a no brainer.

For me, some of the biggest benefits are around colour management being more seamless - even on Windows 7 some weird stuff seems to happen when you have calibrated your monitor using a Spyder.  I find that from time to time Windows is running using the wrong colour profile - especially after unlocking my screen it can take several seconds until the display is using the correct profile - highly irritating.
The other big benefit to me, of a Mac, is having UNIX under the hood.  That means that open source tools are easier to use than on Windows, and you have ready access to scripting languages like Perl.  I am also a big fan of rsync.

Since you will be travelling, I would suggest looking into the Mac Book Air.  I just bought the fastest model for my wife and it beats my Mac Pro which is just two years old!  Which ever laptop you end-up getting, make sure you get a solid state drive, it makes all the difference.

At home I am still flip flopping between Mac and PC since I have both because it is cheaper for me to buy performance on my PC since I build them myself.  For a laptop though, I would not even think about it:  Mac all the way.


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