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Author Topic: 1DS Mark III Digital Camera with Professional Photographer's Ultimate Envy Pack  (Read 4292 times)


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I had to laugh when I saw this advertised on Amazon:


It's not so much that this obvious marketing gimmick exists, it's the bit below where Amazon reveals "What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?"  ;D

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 Very funny indeed!

Also, it believe that if we were to add the prices of each item that the total sum would be much lower. Not that it matters ... ;D


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lol its a bizzar choice of lenses considering they missed the 70-200 and put the 28-300 in there as well as the 24-105
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Ha ha ;D. I wondered if it would come up on any searches when sorted by high to low price, but I couldn't seem to find it. Otherwise I thought it might be fairly clever marketing if Amazon listing fees aren't much and are commission based (no idea if anyone knows?). I could imagine someone with huge amounts of cash typing in something like "canon camera" and buying the highest priced item thinking it must be the best, obviously not many but still I wouldn't mind one or two sales at that amount even if I bought retail...


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They forgot to add the coffee cup
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I would never buy that package that is for sure!   ???
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haha, not worth 40,000 =) with half of that you could get 1Ds III, 85mm 1.2L II, 50mm 1.2L, 70-200mm 2.8 L II, 400mm 2.8L.


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What, no lens protectors, what a rip off ha ha  ::)

Seriously though, wonder how many people would drop so much money for a pack like this? A lot of pro level gear that isn't really well thought out as a set to go together? Either someone with more money or sense or someone who had all this gear and had it stolen/lost/spontaneously combust?

Saying that though, had Santa brought it to me I'd have been happy :-)

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Because obviously the 28-300L, 24-105, 50/1.2 don't overlap in use as it is, we also need the 50/1.8 too?

I'm interested in what the "pro" tripod is, it doesn't look like a gitzo or Manfrotto I recognise...
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What I can't figure out is the price. Camera, lenses and flash add up to about $27k. The rest can't add much more.

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