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I was using one of the Canon presets, but will be shooting the wedding fairly flat and editing in post. I know it will likely take more of my time, but I think I'll be able to really make the video my own. Plus, I'm sure I'll edit faster as time goes on, so I might as well go ahead and start here.

Thank you very much for the advice/insight on the expo disc! It looks wonderful, and I'm glad to hear that it actually does work like it is supposed to! WB, focus, and stabilization are all a must so anything to help with those is a must-have for me.

Thank you again for your help! First wedding in T minus 2 days!

Well, good luck, I"m sure you'll do great. Looking forward to seeing the videos from the wedding when you get them done.


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Sorry, late to the conversation (as I'm new to the forums).

I went through the threads so that I might offer some additional suggestion that may not have been mentioned already.

If you're using DSLRs for your video shoots, invest in a shoulder mount system with a follow focus wheel. You'll be doing a lot of run and gunning in wedding situations or if you're hired to do a marketing piece that has a documentary-like element to it. Trust me: it's VERY challenging keeping your subject focused while dealing with the shoulder mount WITHOUT the follow focus wheel. And you also need that to manually focus on your surroundings (because the AF function for most lenses while shooting in video mode isn't intuitive, quiet or fast enough when it comes to focus). Prices vary depending on the quality of the rig but there are decent kits that include the mount, follow focus wheel and barn doors for less than $500.

Also: an optical viewer or loupe you can attach to the LCD display on your camera. It's very challenging to focus/keep subjects in frame while doing a run and gun style shoot without some way of seeing how it looks in the frame. It also makes it easier to focus on your subject more accurately while in manual mode (you should always shoot video in manual mode). You can also invest in an external monitor which you can attach to your cam and is easier to view. However, the optical viewer can be the less expensive option.

Finally: external recorder. Some were mentioned but I'd recommend either the Zoom H4n or Zoom H6. Canon DSLRS are notorious for lacking in that ability to internally record audio. Expecially when they're isn't a precise way to adjust audio levels. So any mic whether it be a shotgun or lav should be connected to that recorder instead of directly into the cam. Of course that means you will have to sync your audio track to your footage in post but it's actually very easy. Invest in Pluraleyes as its the best application for that kind of thing. It automatically synch audio AND matches additional footage form multiple cams shot from different angles at the same time.

Oh, one more thing... educate yourself on how shutter speed relates to frame rate. It's important. General rule of thumb, shutter speed should always be twice that of the frame rate. Long, scientific explanation as to why but I will say that should your shutter speed be more than twice the frame rate, the visual will look sped up and have an almost "jittery" look to it (which can be a cool effect, by the way. That's why all the footage featuring those rage infected victims in 28 DAYS LATER look sped up and "spastic"). If it is less than double, then your footage will look blurry.

In other words if you shoot in 24 FPS, then the shutter should be 1/48 (unfortunately, most DSLRs do not have a 1/48 option. But you can set it to 1/50 which is close enough).


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3G-SDI Over Fiber
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I'm looking for a way to distribute 3G-SDI Over Fiber  about 30km with production tv's now and including Canon Cameras
I found QuestTel 3G-SDI gear which appears to do that. Anyone with any experience of this or similar equipment? Would it work with  SDI as source?
How else would you go about this task? Any suggestions/recommendations much appreciated.


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3G-SDI Over Fiber
« Reply #32 on: October 03, 2016, 01:00:31 AM »