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Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM

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300mm F/2.8 Mk II on a 5D3.


1st Ayala Alabang Camera Club Golf Cup by alabang, on Flickr


2012 King of Wake Republ1c by alabang, on Flickr


--- Quote from: RESEARCH_UK on October 12, 2012, 07:14:19 PM ---300mm F/2.8 Mk II on a 5D3.

--- End quote ---

Seriously good Image, well done.

In the Wild ?? (Safari) or in the Zoo/Wildlife Park ?? Not that it matters, just a superb example of what this Lens can do in the right Hands, I own the 200f/2, 300f/2.8 V2, 400f/2.8 V2 & just recently the 600f/4 V2, 50% of my shooting is with the 300f/2.8 V2, I feel it's the best Lens Canon have made to date.

I love mine. Still working on balance to keep up with a fast 2 1/2 yr old. Love it on the 40D focus is very fast.


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