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Re: Lightroom 4 Beta now available
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Thank you Mt. Spokane.  Should I download the V4 Beta and use V3 books and tutorials or just use V3 with the appropriate study materials?  Not sure how much difference there is between V3 and V4?  I would need to buy V3 or download the trial version (not sure how much I can learn in 30 days).

Dumb question - Can you save a processed RAW (Canon 7D) image in Lightroom as a TIFF or JPEG for sharing with others or web posting?

And I have PSE 8 but I have never used it or even read chapter 1 of the book I bought.  My question is, do you even need PSE if you use Lightroom?

Many thanks for all your help.  Carl

I'd borrow a book on LR 3, books on LR 4 are not available.  However, you can download a trial version of LR3 and test it.

LR 4 does not work significantly different from LR 3, but the edit controls have changed quite a bit, and soft proofing, book creation, and lots of minor changes have occurred.  Using the beta LR4 is fine for a experienced LR user, but  for a new user, I'd hold back.  There are bugs, and they might discourage you from using what will be a fine product once the actual release happens.

In lightroom, the process of saving a file to a different format is called exporting.  You can export a edited copy to tiff, dng, jpg, and other common formats.  The original RAW file is unchanged, you are making a separate file with your edits baked in to the file.

If you already have tiff, dng, jpeg, etc.  You can edit those files in lightroom, but cannot convert them back to CR2.  CR2 files are basically Tiff formatted images with a bunch of extra information added in.

Yes, LR can edit a tiff , jpg, dng, and other formats.

PSE 8 may do some things that LR cannot do, however, I have photoshop CS5 and only use it occasionally for doing some things that LR cannot do.  There are a ton of things you can do in photoshop and not in Lightroom, but they are not commonly used features for most photo editing.  LR can be looked at as a subset of photoshop features plus additional ones intended for editing photographs, while PS has a much broader application.

Thank you again Mt. Spokane, your advice is very helpful and appreciated.  I will order LR3 and the Adobe LR learning manual today.  Stay tuned for more of "beginner" questions!!

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Re: Lightroom 4 Beta now available
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