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Great deals on the canon S95


With the S100 being released at an RRP of about 50'000 yen I've noticed the price of the S95 have dropped a lot in and around Tokyo.

On I saw some listed for less than 25'000 yen and the other day my friend picked up the last copy in store at my local Kitamura camera for only 19800 yen. I am holding out for a price drop in the S100, but if there had been two cameras left at that price in my local store I may have just got one as well.

I had the S90, but I sold it as soon as the S100 was announced and got 12'000 yen which was pretty good going I thought, I'd used it for 18months and got it for about 28'000 yen to start with.

I borrowed my friends S95 for a trip to Kyoto recently as I didn't want to carry too much gear. I also took my 5DmkII and 50mm f1.2L and my Mamiya 7II, but 85% ofthe time I was happy to just take pics with the S95 for fun.


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