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Buy 5DII now or wait for 5DIII or EOS Cinema

Buy 5DII now
Wait for 5DIII
Wait for EOS Cinema

Author Topic: Still on the fence but the reason for me to buy a 5DII now rather than waiting.  (Read 4699 times)


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Well, I decided to go ahead and buy the 5DII now, while I still have time to return it. Here is the reason for me to to jump on the 5DII bandwagon now rather than wait for a 5DIII.  Please let me know what you think.

5DII is almost below $2k:  I paid $1999 with some extra accessories.  I am an aspiring film maker so my main use for this camera is Video and Portraits of my wife and 5 month old son.  If I wait for 5DIII my son is going to miss out the full frame portraits till its available.  Even when 5DIII is available I am going to have to pay an extra 1k for it over 5DII.  Then comes the next question, since I am into Video I probably would want to really get the EOS cinema dslr if its reasonably priced.

There is no way I would get 5DIII and EOS Cinema (too much money).  On the other hand if I get 5DII now, I can use it till EOS Cinema is available.  If Cinema is priced in my range and is full frame, I could sell my 5DII and get that one. If EOS Cinema is priced in my range and is not Full frame, I could keep 5DII and EOS Cinema so I got a great FF camera and a great Movie camera.  Either case I would be skipping 5DIII.  So its probably better for me to go to 5DII if I want full frame.

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5Dii, because life is short.


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Have you gone to the store to take some sample shots? Go do that, and when you come back home and look at them on your computer you will realize why waiting for 5DMk3 makes no sense. Whatever they do in Mk3 won't change the fact that Mk2 is simply amazing.


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Have you gone to the store to take some sample shots? Go do that, and when you come back home and look at them on your computer you will realize why waiting for 5DMk3 makes no sense. Whatever they do in Mk3 won't change the fact that Mk2 is simply amazing.

+1.  Start shooting now!  In anycase I would think with the good price offered for the 5DmkII currently, by the time the mk III version (or the "X" version  ;)) comes out, you should be able to sell without too much loss.  The other problem is we dont know when the 5D mkIII will be announced let alone actually be available in stores!

So all in all wise move to get the 5D mkII now and start shooting your 5 month old son!  These moments dont come back!

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I would go ahead and get the 5DII as well, I honestly think the 5DIII is going to be a more stills oriented camera.  I'm not saying the video won't have improvements, but it will remain a still camera at its core.  Canon has said countless times that they never anticipated DSLRs taking off in the video world the way they did.  I'm sure the Cinema DSLR will be better suited for your needs than a 5DIII, but I have a feeling it won't be out until much later in 2012 and who knows how much it will be.  Some have suggested it will be more than the C300, but I seriously doubt that. 

And don't worry about getting stuck with the 5DII, it's an awesome camera and there will be thousands of T2i/60D users clamoring to get a full frame body, so I doubt you'll have any trouble selling it even after the new ones come out. 

Just remember people are still using the original 5D, and the 5DII will continue to be a good camera for years to come.  Go ahead and get it now, the longer you wait the less experience you'll have. 
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I recently went ahead with a 5D2 after waiting six months. Once it dropped below $2K with $600 of bundled software I actually would (and do) use, I was in. Sure, the new one will have better ISO and less jello and probably better AF, but it will also probably be north of 50% more money.

And what the heck, if the 5D3 really does turn out to be a compelling upgrade, I'll just sell the 5D2 and buy it. Even after I take the hit I'll be even or bettter when considering street price I would have paid for the bundled software.

So the question really is "what other camera can perform at the level of 5D2 for under $2K?" It doesn't much matter when it first hit the market as far as I'm concerned and I see nothing in the near future to change the answer to that question.
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I took the "5D2 for 2K" plunge right before Christmas, and (coming from a T2i), has been worth every penny.  As it has been mentioned on the forum, it's like getting a whole new set of lenses; no longer does the 50mm feel so "constrained", at least IMHO.

Agree that, in the end, it can be resold for a decent amount.  I mean... look at what original 5D's are selling for after all these years!

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Or you can use both the 5D2 & Cinema cameras to get two angles or two focal lengths...  Or just as a back-up.

Remember, there aren't child labor laws if they are your own kids...  He will need to work since you spent his college fund on the camera and lenses though.
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5D MKI and MKII are more camera than most will ever need.

That includes me.

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