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The contest has been very exciting and the anticipation of having one's efforts thrown into the ring for the possibility of winning a great lens is awesome. It's also been interesting to see what other people judge to be a good photo. Clearly I need to brush-up on my black and white!

Thanks CR


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--- Quote from: wickidwombat on January 16, 2012, 11:57:39 PM ---Awesome shots! congratulations to the winners, i was wondering what is the abstract actually a picture of though?

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It's a microscopic photo of a crystal.

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very cool, abstract is my wifes favourite style i would be interested in purchasing a print of this for her if the artist wants to PM me with a price :)

Congratulations to winners!


Very curious - where was the winning shot taken?

Leopard Lupus:
Lovely work, everyone!


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