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What lenses should I get for my 7d? (16 year old)

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I recently got a canon 7d from a friend of mine with a canon 28-135mm lens. I loved this lens but I sold it on eBay for $250. With that money and a little extra I bought the 24-105 from him for $450. My question is, what lens should I get next. I have a 50 1.8 and a cheap 55-250 (which I plan to sell) but I want another nice L lens in my collection. My price limit is right around $750 so I can't go to high. My friend has a 70-200 2.8 is i that he will sell me for $750, is that a good deal because I have been looking around and heard it can have a soft focus. He also has a 100mm macro L lens for $350 and the 10-22 for $450. There are so many lenses out there and so many I want but what one should I get right now??? You can also recommend lenses that are not on this list too. Any insight would help. Thanks!

7D. Looks like you're wanting something on the longer end of the spectrum that is fast...

I say this...

Save just a little more, just $200. That way you'd have $950. I would make a B-Line straight to Amazon, and pick up the 135mm f2.  We just bought it at work and use it on a T2i and let me tell you....

I hate to be the guy that says, "Save just a bit more money." But I can assure you, that you will love this lens and will love it even more as you upgrade to a Full Frame camera.

Best Wishes! Keep us posted on what you end up going with!

I think it would depend on what you like to shoot. Can you give any insight?

Even if its an old mark 1 version a Canon 70-200 2.8 for $750 is definately a good deal if its in good condiction although it does of course depend on what you want to shoot. That lens would be well suited for sports of larger wildlife on a 7D for example but if you wanted something wider than your 24-105 for landscapes then I'd personally spend it on a Canon EF-S 10-22mm.

24-105 is a great lens for FF, on a crop, it is not wide enough. I'd get a Wide or UWA lens and then a tele.

Your choices for wides depend on how much you have to spend:

$250 - Sigma 15-30mm F3.5 DG EX IF
$400 - Samyang 14mm (MF)
$671 - EF 17-40 F4 L refurbed from Canon
$900 - EF-S 10-22mm

If you want something on the long end in roughly that price range, the 70-200mm F4 L IS is a great and very sharp lens. You could get a used one for your budget.

Hope this helps.


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