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Hot / stuck pixels on new 5d II

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Hi all,

I am new to posting on CR but have enjoyed and learned a lot from reading all of your post, so thanks!

I bought the 5d2 / 24-105 kit over Christmas and have been really loving it!! I also added the 35L to my nifty fifty and am very satisfied withy current kit. I would love to add a tele zoom, but that will be another post.

Today I started noticing some hot pixels showing as either solid red, white or blue. I did a shot of lens cap at both high and low ISO and counted a total of about 7 stuck pixels on the LCD on the camera. I also tried the manual sensor cleaning trick, but had no luck. I am still in my amazon return period and I am thinking about just sending it back for a new one.

Does anyone have experience with this issue and have any adivice?

Thanks in advance for your help!

My 7D has a very large green/red (depending on aperture?) hot pixel that is pretty darn evident when shooting video, especially in low light. I've never really seen it pop up in any of my still images, so since I don't do much video it wasn't of much concern. I could definitely live without it though.

If you can see 6-7 of them on a still image, through the small lcd, I would definitely get that thing replaced. If you don't and start shooting video in the future, you will be very angry with yourself. I know it sucks having to send back your new pride and joy, but sometimes you need to demand what your paid for.

Send it back as long as you are within the return period!

Agreed! Send it back! I had to go through two 7Ds before I got a decent one, and it *still* has a couple of hot pixels! But they are only evident on extremely long exposures (or video) so I can live with them.
Nevertheless, it does make you concerned about the Canon quality control...  :(

Thanks for the direction. Like you said, I hate to send my baby back but at least I caught it with a few days to spare. Thank you both for your replys.


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