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Pictures taken using EF135mm f/2L USM. These are clicked using Xti.

Location: Gangai konda cholapuram, India. World heritage Site.

Location: Bhradeeshwara temple, Tanjore. World heritage Site.

Location: Kalashethra Dance School, Chennai.

Location: Kalashethra Dance School, Chennai.

CR Backup Admin:
We have some new babies, baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.  They were born 2 nights ago, but are out enjoying the mild weather we've been having, hardly any snow left.

I selected my 135mm L for the images on my 5D MK II, it let me stand back a little but still fill the frame.

Its really difficult to get a good exposure, the DR is tremendous from almost pure black to pure white.  I did crop them so I could see their features and markings better. Both are females.

I don't think they eat grain yet, but this one is curious and checking it out.  They nurse the mother goat.

Extreme close up portraits with the 135L is amazing! For a time I used that lens exclusively for my indoor dance shots.

Cornelia by Daniel f. Liu, on Flickr

Dance Portrait V by Daniel f. Liu, on Flickr

Taken with the 7D:

Gossip Girls by Fesapo, on Flickr

Sun Drops by Fesapo, on Flickr

It's Beautiful to Be by Fesapo, on Flickr

It's the best lens in my camera case!


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