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Dead bug on the inside of my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 front element!! WTF???!!!

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I bought a 2nd hand Sigma 50mm f/1.4 on ebay. Its literally new, and boxed, all papers inside crisp.

It was advertised as having a singl piece of "dust" inside. Which doesnt affect the images as it is be beyond the resolution of the lens. So I managed to get it half price. Which is a damn good deal.

It arrived today. And I had a look. The "dust" is a small, tiny dead bug!! WTF. on the inside of the front element....WTF??

Anyway, as described, it doesnt affect the iamges at all. And Im really happy to have got the Sigma 50mm 1.4 literally new for half price. Now the question is.... will this bug cause me future problems? like is it gonna come off the front element? What if it then get to the inside of the back element? will that cause serious problems?

the bug is really small. about 1.5mm in length.

Shall I keep it? Or sell it?

I don't think you'll get much for the bug, and after eBay and Paypal fees, it will hardly be worth it.

I have to agree with Tina.  ;D  And if you are happy with the lens, keep it, use it.  I'd check with a camera repair place and see what the cost to have the bug removed is.I know having a front element replace is usually more than $100, but they are not replacing it.  Anyway, can't hurt to ask.  Heck, call Sigma they might do it for free.

Alternatively, take a picture with a close-up lens, send it to Sigma and ask them how the bug got there!!!

You can say that if their hardware has a bug one can only think about their software ...  ;D
They might even offer to clean it for free...  ;D

P.S I still laugh with Tina's post  ;D

This incident must be known. Then ebay sellers will have to advertise their Sigma lenses as bug free...   ;D

Seriously now, I would also ask for lens cleaning (debugging?   ;D)


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