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Author Topic: iPhone 7 tradein of any iPhone 6(s PLUS) with AT&T and Verizon for exactly $650  (Read 4031 times)


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An Fstoppers article just released for Apple's brand new iPhone 7 article.

Here are the two most concerning parts. The rest read there for yourselves. NOTE: READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE.

The interesting part is that:

1.) If you don’t have an iPhone 6 or newer/better, you can easily go buy one in good condition for as little as $300. In fact, for anyone that doesn’t have a low-end iPhone 6, you should just go out and procure such a phone to have for your trade-in so you can keep your current phone to sell, as it could be of a greater value to you than that used 16GB iPhone 6 you can now get for about $300 on sites such as eBay and Craigslist (always be safe online and out in the world for any purchases you make).

If it comes from the Fstoppers I guess it's quite legimitate. It's no 1st of April. It's your move to verify ;-)
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I guess this gives us an idea about a cellphone service provider's profit margin...

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They used to give you a phone for signing up for a 2 year subscription, then it went to discounting one, and now its a trade in.  As others noted, there is no free ride, you are buying that new phone with your high monthly payments.

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