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Damaged lens (filter)-service question


Had a mishap with my 70-200 2.8 II over the weekend :(

Dropped a few feet without the lens hood and dented the UV filter (and cracked JUST the filter luckily). 

Any ideas on how to get the bent / broken filter off and the need to have it serviced/re-calibrated?

Live in the USA, and was wondering how non-professionals get something like this fixed/checked.


I use a thick elastic band around the filter (hopefully it's not a slim line) to give me added grip in removing jammed up filters. Unfortunately, if the filter ring is also bent, you'll want to get it repaired. This happened with one of our 70-200's up here in Canada, and since it was such a new lens I just sent it to Canon for repair. Not sure about the states, but here I think it was a flat rate of $290.00.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I bought a filter thread repair tool from microtools and first straighten the threads on the filter, and then use a filter wrench to remove the old one.  A rubber band works for easy stuck threads, but I'd use a filter removal tool, also from microtools.

Once you gthe busted filter off, the filter thread repair tool will straighten it and pay for itself in one use.

HOWEVER, if it took a major hit, something in your lens may have been shifted, or even a gear or other part cracked.  If its a expensive lens, let Canon go thru it and fix it up.


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