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Author Topic: Any straightforward way to slice up an image into smaller, equally sized pieces?  (Read 6919 times)

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So, let's just say that I wanted many large photo prints, and I wanted them as cheaply as possible. Let say that I think the best way to do that would be to slice up an existing image file into a bunch of smaller pieces, so that if all of these were printed off in the economic 4"x6" format, they could then all be lined up next to each other in a grid in order to from a large print of one photo.

Is there a straightforward way to slice up an image in this manner in Photoshop? Like, take a high res image that has the normal 4x6 proportions, cut it up into "X" number of pieces by "Y" number of pieces in the same 4x6 proportions, and save those all as their own image files?

Yes, I recognize that 4x6 prints are not good quality, and there will be obvious visual drawbacks to trying to assemble prints like this. Please withhold your lectures about this. I'm just looking for what tool I could use to do something like this. Thanks.

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Affinity photo would do that very nicely for you. They actually call them slices.

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When photos are printed, they do not come out exactly the size of the image in the file, printers by default expand the image slightly, and some of it is cut off.

You can prevent this by instructing the printer to print it exactly.  You might also want to crop the image larger than your final size so that there is some overlap to allow for glitches.

In any event, contact your printing company and ask them how to go about it, or experiment.


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When photos are printed, they do not come out exactly the size of the image in the file, printers by default expand the image slightly, and some of it is cut off.

IMHO it could be better to allow a bleed for each image sheet, with crop marks to cut then each image at the exact final size (may need a good paper cutter, for best results).

Photoshop has a slice tool, guess it is mostly used for web images, but it may be worth a look if it can deliver what the OP asks. He may also try the ImageMagik library, but it has a command line interface - the "convert - crop" command should be able to do something alike (see http://www.imagemagick.org/script/command-line-options.php#crop)
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I am not familiar with the slice tool they are mentioning, but that certainly sounds like the way to go. I did a large print made up of several 8x10 inch images a few years ago. The way I did it was a bit more laborious, but if you cannot find an automatic slice program, this will work.

I had the entire photo sized to the desired final result (I use Photoshop Elements by the way). Then I set the crop tool to 8x10. I used the rulers on the edge of the image to line up where to crop. For example, since they were vertical 8x10's, the first crop was top corner going across to 8 inch mark. Then next crop went from 8 inch mark to 16 inch mark. When I finished first row I went down 10 inches to second row and repeated.

As I said this is more work, but it is a way to get it done.


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