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Who does repair work on older Canon lenses?


Swamp Gator:
I have an older 28-70 2.8 L and Canon no longer offers support for this lens.
I feel the focus is not quite right and just want it cleaned, checked, and calibrated.
I'm in the southeast US, but any recommendations on a reliable place that I could send it would be great.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Did you ask Canon?  I've heard that while they have no stock of parts, they may still do a clean and check.  The remainding parts were bought by independent companies, and one of them often lists parts on ebay.
Pro Camera Repair in San diego is one of them.

Swamp Gator:
Yeah I actually sent the lens to Canon and they sent it back to me indicating they no longer did supported this lens. They didn't even clean it.
I would like it brought up to manufacturer's original specs.


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