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If you would be the chief designer of Canon what scpecs would have your EOS body series?
As an old Canon user (EOS 400D) there are thing that I like, and I dont like at all with the new models.
But OK, the Canon deisgners are also human like as and may be not as good as us on designing.
So stop complaining, and share your own list of features that your model would have.
In order to be more realistic, pleae give an estiamte price for the model that you created.

*Either create a new model
*Re-design an existing model

And please don't forget give a price as realistic as possible (othervise you will loose your position in Canon)[/i]

For Instance:

Canon 7D Redesign by "Selendal"[/shadow]
- 12mp instead of 18 unnecessary pixsels (I prefer better High ISO performence than stupid pixsels)
- Replace the pop-up flash with and internal GPS receiver
- Replace the DOF button with a HDR on-of botton
+-Put the on of button somewhere more logic (Canon iss still seeking for apermanent place for on of button)
+ An articulating screen that makes photography and video recording 10 times easier
+ More Custom function options, for movie mode and  intentionally for HDR
+ Radio contorl (not infrared)  that connects at least 2 EX flashes

Considering the GPS receiver, Multiple Remote Flash Control  and the articulating screen it can be 150-200$ more about 1750$

My Design For Canon Would Be :

Full Frame, High Dynamic Range 16 bit processor
Dual Processor and High Buffer for continous shooting
No- Articulating Screen
Add on like Battery grip, which will be for video control and 5" LCD screen (add on)
Everything like sound control, Raw option, Frame Control Button on that battery grip like add on Piece whatever you call it. (Detaching it will make it look like shooting stills camera)
Weather Sealed a
USB port (For additional portable HDD, which is used for video storage)
Supports 4k resolution for Movie and whatever MP for stills I don't care.
Supports CF>SD>SDHC>SDXC>Also Pen Drives :P
More shutter Cycle Life

Price Range ~3000$ Since it can compete with RED, It's moreover modified 5D for video

JRSJ 7D-Redesign

(Excuse the photoshop.)
18MP FullFrame w/ Dual Digic IV
ISO 100-12,800
19 Point AF System
24/25/30/50/60 FPS recording modes in 1080p/720p (50,60)
5 FPS (8 FPS with battery grip)
Remove built in flash to make room for 100% VF
Dual CF (or CF and SD slots)
Selectable "Electronic Shutter Mode" to allow flash sync up to 1/500s (at the cost of slower FPS)
AF Assist Lamp (like the one found in the EOS 5 and ST-E2)
Reposition DOF button to the opposite side of lens mount and include another button above it. (Both of which can be customized.)
LiveView/Video Mode toggle switch to include third option: Mirror Lock Up (Represented by blue triangle pointing up.)
Weather Sealing.

Optional: Since the 100% VF would mean the omission of the wireless flash commander, they should include a radio antenna inside the camera body that can trigger Canon flashes. (Of course, only if Canon were to have radio receivers built into their new flash units.)

This would reposition the 7D to the Full Frame tier, and makes pricing hard to judge. If this camera was released instead of the original 7D, I would roughly figure $3200 for body only. This could see a decline in 5DMK2 sales, (due to features and video modes.) and allow the price of the 7D to drop before the 5DMK3 release.  When released, the 5D MK3 would need to have enough features in it to allow a retail of $3500+. (Such as more AF points/MP, Dual Digic V, 4K video, etc...)

Start with 7D Body, but call it 7Di  ;D (Body Only $2400-2900)
Weather Sealing
8FPS continuous
Dual Digic IV Processors
APS-C Frame

- remove movie mode (If I wanted a camcorder, I'd buy a camcorder)
- remove dial control (Revert to old 5 button design and add additional buttons, see below)
- remove built in flash, but include boot
+ add additional extra assignable buttons at fingertips in front on righthand grip side.
+ 32MP  :-X
+ internal GPS receiver or optional plug in by remote switch or into battery grip
+ All buttons assignable with or without macro capabilities :P
+ Software to configure and upload button macros and configuration
   (This is already being done with TV remotes, whats the big deal?) :'(
+ Revert (Back Button) to last shot settings function
+ Optional Bluetooth or WIFI Radio Control, (Think direct iphone app operation?)
+ 64point autofocus
+ Dual CF Slots or expandable within battery grip option

The 5DmkII body with following changes:

* A simple scripting language. As example, I would like to have a script would replace the autofocus with focusing to the hyperfocal distance, calculated based on focal length and aperture.

* Reduce the resolution to something like 16MP-18MP.

* Improve the autofocus system: sensitivity to f/8, more crosspoints, more points.

* GPS unit, preferably internal, possibly as part of grip.

* Increase FPS rate.

* Improved light metering.

* Improvements in high-ISO & dynamic range would be welcome.

I'd pay $250-$500 extra.


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