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Re: Panoramas - How much is too much?
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I wonder if it is something to do with the respective distances.  The location where I took the panorama is quite compact, and it almost looks like a corrected fisheye image (if that makes any sense).

Stevelee, how far away were you from the figure in the centre of the image?  The skyline in the centre is much further away than the near side of the river, could that be one if the reasons for the more natural look?  I was probably less than 10m from the rocks at the edge of the waterfall, which may contribute to the strange perspective.  As you suggest, maybe I need to print it really big to get the full experience.

For me personally, it does capture the essence of that morning, there really was so much going on to photograph, so I suppose that the image has achieved at least one thing  :)

I was up toward the top of the hill near street level looking down into the park. You can tell I wasn't close from the size in the picture of the geese and of the person near the monument, or whatever it was. I was obviously much farther from the large buildings. The perspective makes them all look farther away than they really were, just like a wide-angle lens does.

And if your picture captures the essence of that morning, then it is successful at what it does. It should not be surprising that it evokes a more technical reaction on a photography-oriented forum. Normal people would react more to the experience, or they might not like the picture, but not know why. De gustibus and all that.

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Re: Panoramas - How much is too much?
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2017, 08:17:33 PM »