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Canon 14mm + 24 1.4 vs. 16-35 and 135mm vs. 70-200 IS

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Wedding Shooter1:
So, I have been lusting after the 14mm II and 24mm II and the 135 f2.

Been shooting with the 15 fish, 16-35, 50 1.2, 85 1.2, 100 macro L, 28-70L and 70-200 IS. Just picked up the 14, 24 and 135 since Canon was running good rebates.

Thinking for the past year or so that I think I like primes better than the zooms and that the 3 lenses above can replace my zooms. My mk I 16-35 has been a staple at weddings for me along with the 70-200IS, but dam it can get big and heavy, plus it isn't very good indoors for receptions in low light. Really love that f2 on the 135 so I have been hoping I could lose the 70-200, can't really think of a time when I need 200 over the 135 and seem to shoot at 135 or so a lot with it. Plus that f2 is great for inside stuff if needed!

Just received the lenses 2 days ago so all I've done so far is some indoor shots around here comparing the 14 to the 16-35 and wow the 14 kills the zoom. Now I don't know if the 16-35 mk II has fixed these issues but what I found is serious vignetting with the zoom at 2.8, seems to be none at all with the 14, I was like..dam!.....Plus barely any distortion with the 14 compared to the zoom. Never really noticed it before but when comparing the 14 kept lines really straight while the zoom showed barrel distortion, didn't really expect that actually. The 14 is such a cool unique lens, gotta get it outside and get some pics going for a final comparison.

The 24 1.4 is just spectacular and sharp. Makes a great wide lens for most of the day, with the 14 popping on when needed. Love the 1.4 on a wide angle. Great for wedding receptions!

Totally thinking of selling my 16-25 and after a few shots with the 135 I can't really see a use for my 70-200 IS that the 135 can't handle. And the bokeh with f2 is incredible, I think I find it even more pleasing than the zoom at 200 and f2.8. Hopefully I don't miss the IS but with f2 and being able to go to 6400 ISO on the 5dII I don't think it's a problem really. I have some 6400 ISO shots done with the 24 1.4 that are printed at 12.18 and seriously look like they are ISO 100 with no noise...amazing!

I guess I am going to be all prime now and stick with 14, 15 fish, 24 1.4, 50 1.2, 85 1.2, 100 macro L and the 135 f2....Also I am now lusting after the 200 f2...haha...but dunno if it's too close to 135...The 200 f2 and 300f 2.8 IS both look awesome for a long lens to complete my arsenal, although that won't be for a bit since they are 5 grand and up! one of the two do you guys suggest?

And now that I am going to sell my zooms most likely, how do you all price your used lenses? Lens prices seem to keep going up when new models come out....and now some lenses like my 28-70L are would that be priced? Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Figured I would post up my thoughts on these lenses since I labored over buying them for so long. I'm sure there are a few of you out there that struggle with these decisions too...Dam Canon for making so many awesome lenses...lmao!

Check prices on and POTN buy/sell boards. 

Wedding Shooter1:
Hey thanks for the reply neuro! I did check craigslist but that wasn't much help...lmao.....I'll check out FM!


--- Quote from: Wedding Shooter1 on February 12, 2012, 10:38:15 AM ---Hey thanks for the reply neuro! I did check craigslist but that wasn't much help...lmao.....I'll check out FM!

--- End quote ---

If you want to buy on CL you have to search frequently and use generic search terms.  Just search "Canon" and set a minimum price of $500-$750 to weed out all of the crap.  Don't be specific with the searches, like if you search "Canon 50mm f/1.2," listings like "Canon 50 f/1.2" or "Canon 50mm 1.2" wouldn't show up.  Craigslist search is very literal, if you put too much you'll miss plenty of lenses.

I got almost every lens in my sig through CL 

Wedding Shooter1:
Hey thanks for the advice axilrod......So I see you have the 14mm II and 16-35 are those lenses compared to each other? The 14 II is killing my 16-35 version it the same with the version II of the zoom or what do you think?


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