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Author Topic: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money  (Read 11241 times)


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Re: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2012, 07:45:48 AM »
I am thinking of getting this new lens as well in spite of its high price.  For me it will depend greatly on its sharpness.  It is very simple, it the 24-70 II is as sharp at 2.8 as my 24 1.4L II I may have a case for it as I may decide to then sell my 24mm.  Why?  Because I realised that while I have fast prime, more then 90% of my shooting is done at f2.8 or more...Not sure I would let go of my 50 1.2L though!


I agree man, I could never get rid of my 50L (unless a v2 comes out of course :))  But the 24-70 II does seem very appealing, if it's as sharp as they say it is it my become my new goto lens.  The only zoom I have left is the 16-35, which isn't very versatile on FF unless you are shooting a lot of landscapes.  I think I'll get the 24-70 II regardless, but I may have to skip out on a 20something prime (was looking at 24L II and Zeiss 21 2.8).  We'll see

I have always considered buying the 50L and have held off thinking a II might appear soon.  Now that the 24-70 II is here, if it's what it's promising to be, I am very tempted to buy this instead.  It might then see me through till the 50L II comes out, which will also give me time to save up for it.  I get jealous when I hear people talking about their 50L so fondly.

Yes indeed melbournite the 50L is quite special especially for portrait.  I think your plan could make sense, however just remember that even if the new 24-70 is razor sharp, its bokeh will likley not be as creamy as the 50L simply because it was not designed that way, wherea the 50L was.  Just a difference worth considering depending on your use, it may or may not be important for you.

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Re: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2012, 07:45:48 AM »


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Re: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money
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Now if this lens had IS I would consider buying it since I use my camera to make/record videos as well. But $2399 USD? I would like the lens but way too expensive. What the hell were canon thinking?

For one, there is nothing that says IS will IMPROVE IQ.  IS may help improve the keeper rate, but IS may also add defects to the lens in other areas. 

Second, though the graphs are from Canon, what I have seen and the trickle of people who have played with it, this is a sharp lens, a very sharp lens and stellar performance through out from wide open to at both ends of the focal length.  The CA performance I saw in some of the test images of this were fantastic.  My personal belief is that IS is not the end all, be all.  There are a lot of great benefits to it, but there can be many situations, as enumerated through out these threads where IS causes issues and is better to have off.  Yes. Nice to have the option, but I think what we don't always see is is there a trade off on lenses WITH IS versus WITHOUT when it comes to IQ.  This is extremely hard to measure, because even with say the 70-200 F/2.8L and the 70-200 F/2.8 IS II... they are different generation lenses, so trying to compare the sharpness is not really relevant, but would be if Canon had produces say a 70-200 F/2.8L II (Non-IS)  I don't see them doing that, because IS is extremely helpful at longer focal lengths... much more so than Wide Angle and Standard Zoom ranges. 

The EF 85 F/1.2L II is over $2000 as well is the EF 14 F/2.8L II.  These are just PRIME lenses, and they are over $2000.  While the 24 is more reasonable at $1600, it still would cost you almost $5000 to purchase the 24, 50 and 85, and while some of these may go down to F/1.2, not one of those lenses has IS. 

What I see Canon doing is creating a Standard Zoom lens that has favorable and comparable performance to their top prime lenses in a range.  The primes will almost always be better, but also at least double the price to own across the range. 

Canon really makes no L lens that is 70mm and below only.  All the other L lenses with IS push to 100mm and beyond.  You will find many of the EF-S lenses that will have IS in shorter ranges, but the IQ is poorer on these, and they are over all cheaper lenses focused on people who are more interested in just getting the shot that top image quality. 

I pose you this question... Would you be happy to have the current 24-40 with IS and the same performance and defects, or would you prefer to have a much improved lens that seems to be a huge upgrade across the whole lens without IS for the same price. 

In a long telephoto... Without a doubt I think IS makes a difference because of distance. 

In a short lens, I will take sick IQ performance because IS is less needed up close in most situations.

That is what Canon was thinking. 


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Re: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money
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This observation applies generally, as well as to this particular thread.

People who frequent this site are naturally a lot more interested in the latest and greatest gear than the general population of photographers. My guess is that fewer than 0.001% of SLR photographers have ever been here, suggesting that the vast majority of photographers are sufficiently happy with their photographic output that they are not concerned about what new gear is in the pipeline.

So why are we, the CR forum members, so very interested in the newest and best gear? Here are a few reasons (you may have your own):

 - Because you believe that currently available equipment limits the technical quality of your images in an important, meaningful way.

- Because you believe that currently available equipment limits your photographic capability, creativity or ambition.

- Because you have a psychological need to have the best gear, regardless of whether it discernibly improves your output.

- Because you have an unusually strong appreciation for the finest achievable precision engineering, whether in photographic gear or otherwise. (Like many high-functioning autistics, I fall into this category).

If you tick any of these boxes, then you can justify the new lens to yourself.

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Re: My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money
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