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Author Topic: Canon Announces Its Newest Professional 4K HDR Reference Display Featuring Stable High-Luminance And  (Read 11804 times)


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But looking at the 12 inputs:

It has four "12G-SDI" (12G meaning it supports a 12Gb/s bitrate) inputs, plus an HDMI one. The SDI ones are IN/OUT so you can chain different equipment.

SDI is a common interface type for professional video equipment - unlike HDMI/DP/etc. it's not encrypted (no DRM), thereby usually not available on consumer equipment because it would allow to easily copy the data stream...

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I'm surprised there is no DP input. (My graphics card can output 10bit only to DP...)
You'll just have to buy one of these: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink or similar from other brands.


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Looking at the SDI inputs, could this theoretically be an HD multiview monitor?
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Looking at the SDI inputs, could this theoretically be an HD multiview monitor?

Yep, appears that it can display four HD sources in a 2x2 mosaic. Or if all of those are 12G-SDI as the press release implies, four 4K sources downsampled to HD?
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I bet SpongeBob looks perfect on this.

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Correction: $20,000.002

That extra two thousandths of a cent matters- just shows their dedication to precision is matched in the retail cost  ;D

Thousandth of a dollar, not cents. The proper name is mill.
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