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Author Topic: Backordered: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV w/BG-E20 Grip, Pixma Pro-100, Paper, SD Card, Battery $2849  (Read 12074 times)


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The 6D deal is good because it is a camera from 2013.

The 6D2 deal is absurdly favorable because that camera was not received well, and I doubt is doing great contrary to the hordes of Canon apologists who will come in and swarm and regurgitate all the old, tired rhetoric about Canon being market leader...

Dealers can reduce inventory on the 6D2 is my take why they are offering such a crazy deal on it. Everything is good, at the right price!

The 5D4 deal is not as deep as the above two, but it still a good deal. And, being that this is a great camera - it's pretty sweet. $2,850 for camera, original grip, spare battery, printer and an SD card...that's pretty good. I might have to jump on that deal. I've used the 5D4 quite a bit and it has no weaknesses I can find.

The 5D4 took crap from the industry because it has useless 4K which angers the entire video crowd which is a very vocal group, and Canon didn't pull out any big feature or spec advancements on the stills side. Nothing to wow anyone with AF, FPS, DR, Buffer, Megapixels etc....It's better than the 5D3 by a wide margin. It's also top level DSLR no matter what the competition has just released. By any reasonable standard, it is one of the most capable cameras of all time. The 5D4 didn't get the huge praise and reception that the D850 got, but it also did not get any criticism either (unlike the 6D2).

The deals on the 5D4 are about right. It is 1 year old. When the 5D3 was a year old, there was some discounting too. Although, not as much when you factor in the grip. The deeper discounts came in year 2 for the 5D3 when I bought mine. So, perhaps the little extra incentive is to combat the D850 and A7R3. Also, the DSLR market is shrinking...so different landscape than 2012-3.

Canon will be Canon. They aren't cleaning house to bring about something new next year. Next year is for the 7D3 and 5DS2. Maybe.

6D2 was obsolete before they even released it.

5D4 is a pro camera that, unless you nitpick to the extreme of absurdity - has no flaws. It was a good evolution.

No flaws except for "useless 4K," which is a big flaw for the camera line that originally brought us FF HD.

6D is a classic, and still very solid for IQ by today's standards and without question - the ultimate value for those wanting to get into FF on the cheap.

Fixed that.

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Yes it is true that Canon ushered in the age of DSLR video. And it is true they also vacated DSLR video...for serious professional use.

Canon simply does not want to offer it up in their DSLR lineup. Yes, they want to upsell to the Cinema. However, to be fair - if you're that serious about video, you understand that it is a system that makes it happen. And it makes sense to use equipment designed for that purpose.

Anyone not that demanding falls into a group that is well suited and satisfied by the video Canon's currently offering.


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I pulled the trigger on the 5D4 + Grip from one of the major online camera stores.

The deal is just too good. It is an extremely capable camera.

After evaluating it myself - the only stills related "flaw" was the nonsense about banding. Which is nonsense. I was able to recreate repeatedly on a couple of sample cameras. However, anyone needing to push an exposure 5 stops and Shadows 100% is insane and shouldn't be taken seriously.

I found that the absolute brightest exposure I could create under only a couple of very rare scenarios to have any kind of banding appear was a +3EV push with +30 Shadow. It took me quite a bit of trial and error and testing to be able to get that. It was the faintest horizontal green band only at the very top edge of the frame.

All other scenarios required either +5EV and +30-50 shadow, or +4EV with +100 shadow.

These kinds of radical underexposures are simply impractical and useless. Yes, some other cameras can do it without the banding - but the result is garbage. Looks like a low light cell phone photo from a Galaxy S2. Add in that it only happens with a bright object in the left side of the frame....makes it more rare.


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I've been thinking about picking up a 5D4 for a while, but this deal pretty much clinches that decision for me.  It's amazing that you only get the rebate if you accept to get a "free" printer.  I already have a Pixma Pro 100 and don't want another one. I don't have room for another one. But for a $350 rebate and the ink and paper that comes with it I can deal with it I think.

Take a leaf out of Sony's book: put one printer on top of the other and using this 'stacked printer' you will get much greater picture quality when you print.


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I don't find it shocking, but disappointing that the upgrade lags in optical quality compared to the model it is replacing.  It has nothing to do with my individual needs, wants, not desires.  I find it curious more than anything.  I am trying to remember when was the last time Canon introduced a replacement camera which had lower image quality components to it predecessor?  It is just odd in the camera arms race.

The decision to (presumably) not put on-chip ADC on the 6D2 is 100% odd, I agree, but the trend that all sensors must get considertably better from generation to generation simply doesn't bear out.  Just using DXO's nonsensical overall score as a really crude filter to make my point:

D810  97
D850  100

A7R1   95
A7R2  98

D4    89
D4S  89
D5    88

6D1  82
6D2  85

So yes, there will be an occasional bubble where on-chip ADC or backlight illumination might create a big step up once in a blue moon, sensors don't always make great strides forward.  And to call the 6D1 better than the 6D2 implies a DSLR is only as useful as its 'film' inside -- which I think is an unbalanced set of priorities for a camera.  If we all felt that way, we all would have pitched our Canon bodies and adapted our glass on to an A7R1 years ago.  But we didn't, because AF matters, color matters, handling matters, menus/interface matter, service matters, etc.

- A

TBH if you have a sensor that beats the pants of the competition you don't need to worry about improving it too much. That's clearly the opposite scenario with the 6d line.


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These are tempting deals! 6Dmii is a great price tag for a FF body. I looked at the image samples and they look good on higher ISO. However, for me the focus system is a deal breaker. If I want to carry a full size body I don't want to deal with the same limitation I deal when working with mirrorless APSC systems. 5D is a good deal and I'm still debating myself to jump on it!

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