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Just thought I'd add something that was missing.
First: 24-70MM @24mm F/7.1
Second: 24-70MM @46mm F/2.8
Third: 24-70MM @57mm F/2.8

Edit and afterthought: Don't know if only new/rumored lenses should be here... Can add 70-200 2.8, 50 1.2 and 16-35 2.8 if needed.

Nice images. The attached was taken with 5D 24-70mm 'L' f7.1 1/400 @24mm 100 ISO

Felt I should add something further that shows a bit more detail.

This is taken 70MM 2.8 lighting is a soft box.

@ 70 mm, f 4

I've got it bad for this lens.   :P

I have the EF 24-105 f/4L which I love and use as my 'walking around' lens.  The 24-70 is bigger and heavier and overlaps the range of the 24/105, albeit faster. So, every time I'm about to hit the buy button on Amazon, I talk myself out of it because I just can't think of why I need the faster lens.  And now, with talk of an update,....

But I'm about to begin a project of photographing Saint Louis at night.  I want to spend a lot of the coming summer doing this.  My camera for this job will be the 5DM2.  Don't I REALLY NEED the 24/70 for that project?  My 50mm 1.4 won't be enough, right?  And the 24/105 is too slow, right?  In fact, maybe I need the new 5DM3 with the new 24-70 II?


--- Quote from: dwward on February 24, 2011, 01:35:25 PM ---I've got it bad for this lens.   :P

In fact, maybe I need the new 5DM3 with the new 24-70 II?

--- End quote ---

Go for it.  Eat mac & cheese if a month if you need to cut costs.  Turn down the thermostat and wear and extra sweater.  I'll buy both if (when) they are announced - but only after a few months so the early productions models are gone.



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