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Author Topic: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless to Have New Z Mount  (Read 18752 times)


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Re: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless to Have New Z Mount
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More evidence of that poor management at canon


Well, if you define ethics as 'giving me the product(s) I personally want', that's a big fail for Canon.  I bet there's at least one modedialish person on these forums who holds that opinion. 
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Re: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless to Have New Z Mount
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Re: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless to Have New Z Mount
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How does mirrorless have higher margins when people like you expect the price of the camera to be lower because they are not going to the expense of manufacturing a mirror box/assembly?

very simple: camera makers dont and wont hand out 100% of cost savings to customers. Not even I expect to get 100% of cost savings associated with mirrorless cameras. But I do expect a "decent cut" on them ... a 50/50 split would sound fair to me. What i will definitely not accept is "LOWER cost for maker combined with HIGHER prices for customers". But i am aware that many of the "apologist" folks around here are much more lenient with their gear supplier/s ... but that is not my problem, it's theirs.

Sorry, man.  That doesn't make any sense.  No manufacturer in the world operates on the basis that if they save some money, they'll give you a cut of those savings :o

That’s how the entire electronics industry has operated for the last 50 years, otherwise you would be paying trillions of dollars for anything more than a basic calculator.

Er....have you studied, or been involved with business finance? You could charge a trillion dollars and make massive profits but you would get 0% of a massive mark-up.

The reason prices dropped is because of competition. And Sony have a unique series of products so they charge what they can and they get away with it because of the unique set of features. It will be interesting to see what happens to Sony prices a year after Canon and Nikon enter the FF mirrorless market.

ding ding ding... give the man a medal :)

That's precisely it.  In many consumer electronics industries, products are sold in a highly competitive marketplace, and the price (profit) optimization curve lands you at a low profit margin.  The price is highly elastic, meaning that as you increase price, the profit plummets. 

The only thing that cost savings do is determine the price floor (the lowest possible selling price), because a company generally doesn't sell items at a loss.

Never, ever, does Samsung or Apple go, "the next phone/laptop/tv will cost 20% less, so we'll mark down the price by 10% to pass it on to the customers".  Any pricing manager who suggested that would be laughed out the front door.

If anything, it is the opposite: with each successive generation, the goal is to reduce costs in order to increase profits.  So the first generation of a product (like an Xbox or PlayStation) will set a benchmark price.  Then, as time passes, the production cost will drop, without any change in the selling price.  At some point, the selling price will drop (because of competitive forces and price attrition), but by then, the manufacturing cost has dramatically fallen.

These concepts aren’t complicated. The market analyses may be, but it’s easily understood by the lay person. But here’s the problem: I get the feeling a resident marketing expert might not even have familiarity with basic concepts like elasticity, channels, etc. In fact the general feel I get is that most people conflate marketing and promotion. Promotion is in actuality a part of marketing.
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Re: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless to Have New Z Mount
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