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Author Topic: Well, you can just throw out all your expensive L glass now. (Ok, not really...)  (Read 993 times)

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Interesting article but as it said it will take some time yet until the traditional camera lenses can be replaced with a metalens. It's good they managed to focus all colors of light into a single point but they also have to deal with large and high resolution sensors and diffraction – that is another big problem in photography – as well. So, for a few years from now we surely can keep our lenses regardless if they are "L" quality or kit lenses. :)


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... not to forget translucency, contrast, color quality, etc.

But an interesting concept.
Lookig forward to see some macroscopic prototype results.
Right now they are still far away from that, if I understand that article right.

Thanks for sharing.
sometimes you have to close your eyes to see properly.

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