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Black Friday deals too

I am making no money on this, the folks at have been great to me and thousands of others.
They’ve started a huge sell-off of used rental gear. Lots of 7D’s and 5D Mark II’s have been added. They’re going to go fast.
Their “Black Friday Deal” is 10% of ALL used gear from 6:00 AM CST Thursday and through until 11:59PM CST Friday.

It looks like the 5D Mark II’s are all gone now.

The 7D’s are gone now.  Still a lot of great lenses to choose from.
I think that 1D Mark III will be gone as soon as 6:01AM CST hits.

How much were the 5DII's going for?  (Just curious)

How much were the 7D's going for, also just curious

the 7Ds were going at $1000 to $1100 ... pretty good deal, they looked like they were in great shape.  too bad they didn't list the shutter actuations, that's what held me back from making a purchase

The previously mentioned Canon Customer Loyalty program offered me a 7D for under $1100.  I only had an A530 ps camera to trade in


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