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black and white with the use of selective colors

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There's a much easier way, if there's just one colour that you want to be prominent throughout the whole b&w photo, if you're using photoshop, you can just go select>colour range and then use a dropper to select the colour you want. Then you can adjust the parameters in a window to how much of it you want selected. Then you invert that selection and go adjustments > convert to greyscale! Et Voila! :)

Here's a quick example, like the OP, I think it's best if it's only used minimally! :)

I think this technique can be effective, but only if the photo is excellent in all other respects.  It's just really played out, I see girls on Facebook doing this all the time that have no idea what they're doing, I think there are web apps that make it easy to do and some people go crazy with it.  But I like your shots for the most part.

When I first saw this effect it was when Coppola's Rumble Fish hit the screen, the scene with the fishtank. The "layers" then were actually two different actual takes, one B&W take without the fishtank, then another in color with the fishtank alone and the previous B&W take running in the background. In the end you got the impression of color fish moving around in a B&W movie. Now we simply got PS 5. Ain't life sweet?!

dr croubie:
Here's one I did a while ago, taken at xmas last year.
Nothing automatic for me, I use DPP on Wine and then GIMP, I can't afford adobe and don't have windows anyway to run it on.

DPP processed from RAW to get the best colours of the toy.
Then opened in GIMP, select all, and deselect the doll gradually using 'Fuzzy Select'. Took a few iterations, at some points the doll was the same colour as the clothes so I went back and forth until I'd selected everything but the toy.
Then just desaturate, play with levels, maybe a bit of gaussian-blur to bring more attention to the centre.
No added vignetting in pp, but I had a softbox on the flash and the shade of the clothes kind of made it naturally vignette.

Terry Rogers:
One of my own fav with this technique. I just reduced the saturation of all colors but red in LR.


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