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Author Topic: Industry News: Sony Develops a Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor with Pixel-Parallel A/D Converter  (Read 6868 times)


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1. Zero vibration
2. Zero shutter noise
3. Zero oil/lubricants near sensor
4. Zero particle abrasion near sensor
5. Zero wear and tear ["electronic aging" is a non-issue in cameras - provided hi-quality components are used]
You forgot

6. Higher fps than possible with mechanical shutter.

Current global shutter sCMOS technology from e.g. Andor provides up to 50 fps with 4 Mpix (monochrome); see their Zyla 5.5 model.

thx, yes.

Since i was challenged to do so, I only listed the advantages i am after. :-)
I did however forget
7. Zero limitations on X-Sync speed

"Zero rolling shutter" and other possible video-related advantages are of no use to me, since i never capture moving images. :-)

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Would I buy a 10MP full-frame mirrorless with flash sync to 1/1000?  Absolutely.  Anyone else may not, but I know what I want.


How about mirrorless camera with a 50MP sensor about 2/3 larger that will sync at 1/2000?

I'll get two and send you one, right after I sprout some extra kidneys!

A good image might fit entirely into the histogram, might not.

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