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I don't see a thread for this soon-to-be outdated guy. I actually just recently picked up this little lens mint refurbed for 300.00 USD! I think it's still a pretty rad piece of retro glass.

The mid-tone contrast was pushed a bit in this shot to add a little grit to the image, but I think it shows this lens can be pretty sharp.

Office View by Philip DiResta, on Flickr

i just bought one yesterday, here in Spain quite more expensive than yours, but cheaper than zooms. Nice image and sharp ยก

I bought one 5 years ago for just 150 Euro second hand for a APS-C camera and I like

* great contrast and good sharpness from f/2.8 on
* natural viewing angle of 38mm in terms of 35mm equivalent
* compactness, low weight
* good close focus range down to 25 cm / max. reproduction ratio for a non-macro lens
* good ergonomics despite non-availability of USM
Happy to own that lens which someone called an "ugly duckling" on a forum: Ugly in terms of boringness, a swan in terms of photographic usefulness!

I just sold mine, which was in mint condition, a couple weeks ago for $265. I replaced it with the 24-70mm f2.8 L. I must say that it was a fantastic lens. Cheap, light, compact, good performer.

I just bought one of these in mint condition and including the original hood for 160 euro's. According the date code it was manufactured 03/2005 so it's not a very old copy. The lens is actually more substantial than I suspected from its 35 and 50mm siblings. It has an FD style twist and lock hood that uses little elastomeric inserts in the hood to keep it from twisting off; this is not the best system but the petal shaped hood is very nice otherwise and has a flocked liner.

Reasons I bought it are:
1. To satisfy my GAS in an affordable way  :P
2. I really want a 24mm prime to play around with, partly out of curiosity and because it fills a gap in my wide-to normal prime line-up that I have been thinking of closing for a long, long time.
3. Because I don't see myself using such a lens very often I don't want to spend too much on a 24mm.
4. I am totally satisfied with my 50mm f/1.8 Mk I and this one is in the same 'old' build that I somehow really like (I also own the 35 mm f/2). Those early EF primes really are small!
5. I've read good reviews of this lens on a full frame body.
6. It's light and compact!

What uses would you recommend for a 24 mm prime on full-frame? Immediate uses I see are travel (easy extra lens to take along), and street photography in crowded or tight streets. 

Anyway let's see some photo's! (I'll try to post some myself when the lens gets some use).


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