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Act Of Valor shot exclusively on 7D & 5DII

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really amazing looking production using DSLRs Small | Large

For the record, the tech specs on the IMDB page indicates they used Arriflex film cameras too.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Here is more accurate information from a insider, and from Shane Himself.

75% 5D MK II, 25% film.

Canon long lenses, Zeiss wide lenses

Definitely going to see this.  Will it be in theaters?

Mt Spokane Photography:

--- Quote from: rmblack on February 17, 2012, 08:02:48 PM ---Definitely going to see this.  Will it be in theaters?

--- End quote ---

The link says wide release on president's day.  This was a indie film picked up for a mere 13 million.


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