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Author Topic: M50 and Camera Connect App - BUGS galore!?  (Read 791 times)


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M50 and Camera Connect App - BUGS galore!?
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:24:12 PM »
Hey folks,

I'm hoping someone out there can corroborate this problem I'm having with the new M50.

I'm using an iPhone with the latest Camera Connect app. It's basically useless if you shoot Raw.


- When browsing the images on the camera using the app, thumbnails are displayed, but when you click them to open the larger preview, the image doesn't render properly. Staying in ultra low resolution.

- Since the image doesn't finish rendering, you can't press the download button at the bottom of the screen in order for it to convert and send the image to your phone.

- You can force it to send CR3 shot photos into your phone by going to the thumbnail view and using the "select" command to select some images, then use the download button BUT....

- When you do this, the photos that appear in the iOS images folder do not have a thumbnail, the preview thumbnail is just white.

- If you click the thumbnail to open the image, you'll see that it is cropped to a square!! Every time, it just crops a square.


I was almost certain right away that this is because they haven't added proper support for the new CR3 file from the M50. To test this, i put some 5D Mark IV CR2 images onto the same card, put it in the M50 and sent them to my phone with no problem. In other words, this isn't an issue with the wireless function of the M50, it's specific to CR3 files.

How did this camera hit the market without them testing this stuff out?

Can any one try their M50 and confirm, on Apple or Android?

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M50 and Camera Connect App - BUGS galore!?
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:24:12 PM »