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What if really one of 5d2 successors would provide 4k video? Would you like it? Do you use 4k video in your hobby/professional work?
I'd welcome it for one reason now: possibility to crop it to 1920/1080 and thus eliminating shake blurr shaking image almost without loosing quality. What do you think about it?

If it came in at a price I could contemplate £3k or under, then yes, I'd be in. And not just for cropping, but a down-sampling from 4k in a decent NLE (I run Avid MC6) could give pristine 1080p.

Other things would also have to be "right" DR, and cleanliness of the original footage

Minnesota Nice:
I film snowboarding, so having 4K or 1080p at 120fps would be nice.  60FPS is great for slowmotion but I'm always wishing I could slow it down even more.

I'm all for it. I would also like to see a faster framerate also. Something like 50/60p in 4k mode and 100/120p in 1080p sounds great! But mainly the moire and aliasing needs to be greatly reduced and more dynamic range and less noise. But you can't have it all...

Would people take 4K over 2K with a better bit rate?


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