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Pocket Wizards Plus III - what am I missing here?

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I've been thinking about adding a professional trigger system to my bag at some point. PW is one of the obvious choices. Also, the Phottix Odin looks pretty good. At the moment I'm ok with my cheap ebay triggers and (even more so) with a long ETTL cable and the Canon IR remote system.

Notwithstanding, I'm tempted to add something easier in the future. So the new PW Plus III caught my attention - especially at that price. However, a closer look shows that this "feature laden" gizmo really doesn't even cover the basics. ETTL? I don't think so. High Speed Sync? Doesn't look like it. Manual control over the settings of the 4 groups? Didn't see that either. So it's a bit like a fancy version of my ebay triggers. Or what am I missing here? Sure, for those who need long distance range, repeaters and a remote for the camera this might be it. I think I'm more looking still at the Phottix...

Come to think of it: I've been saying all along that I don't think Canon (or Nikon) will incorporate true non-optical wireless into their flash system due to the legal limitations in parts of their worldwide markets. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Could the "new feature laded" PW be an indicator that such companies really have to look for new features and markets because the camera manufacturers are looking to offer alternatives now themselves?

That's exactly the market they desperately want to get into - the manual only transceivers. Sure, they are still expensive compared to the chinese stuff on eBay but the price is now much more palatable than 400$ a pop for their full feature models. They offer some non-standard features such as camera triggering, compatibility to their TTL models, better potential reliability and servicing possibility at a price bracket that was vacant so far. If it will actually work well, my bet is it will be a hit.

I got the phottix odins
and I have to say they are really awesome, the screen on the back of the transmitter makes it so eay to control your groups, ballance your flash ratios etc definately worth a look

check out the new video from joe mcnally with the new pocket wizards though

cant see when i would ever use that feature. personally i think the PW are way overpriced

It's basically Pocket Wizard's way of saying "We got caught with our d***s in our hands, and need a sleeker, more affordable model to compete with the cheap ebay models, even if the feature set isn't that much improved over our prior units. " At least that's my take on it. Gotta love competition. 


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