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I recently learned that none of the current cameras in the Canon lineup offer auto-focus while filming video.   >:(

Is there any indication that any of the new 5D or T4i bodies will support autofocus?

(I do just enough video recording that Im thinking about getting an entry level Nikon, just for this purpose...)

When I saw this, it got me wondering...

--- Quote ---EF-S 18-135 II
This lens will have a silent autofocus motor geared to video. It will arrive with the new Rebel T4i. This has shown up in a US retailer inventory system. No price for the kit with the T4i.
--- End quote ---

Afterall, what use is a silent motor if it doesn't focus while recording...

/crosses fingers

I've been wondering this myself for a while... no rumors have led to this belief though it's not out of the question considering Nikon has had it since the D7000 in 2010. Nikon's isn't very impressive... I would stick with Canon for video due to the fact of the full manual exposure on it's cropped image sensor models. Silent motors aren't just for video, but photography too. It would definitely make sense though that they sell a Silent motor lens with an auto-focusing body. I'm looking forward to Nikon's next cropped image sensor DSLR though it probably won't come out till late 2012.

The problem with auto-focus during video is that dSLR auto-focus really require the use of a slightly transparent spot on the mirror to divert a small amount of the light onto the auto-focus sensor. The other option (which mirrorless cameras including P&S use) is called contrast detect (I think) which means it's actually analyzing the image while recording. Plus, the problem with a video auto-focus is if it has to hunt for focus, it looks pretty crappy.

Granted, dSLR's need better focusing help, especially if you need to rack focus, and also an embedded 10x zoom of a part of the frame would be extremely helpful. But, that's why we have MagicLantern!

I wouldn't be surprised if they were putting a lot of effort into video AF, but I don't want it: serious video doesn't usually use autofocus, and I certainly don't need it or want it

now, 5x-10x zoom-in while recording, and focus peaking, would be very, very nice

I would love Canon to include in its firmware a feature whereby when we manual focus in live view it would highlight someone on the LCD screen the element that are in focus.  Sure if you have a pro-video setup with a larger monitor to do fucos you dont need this, but for us mortals, it would be very useful.

Actually because of the potential limitation of autofocus in video, I would prefer this feature over autofocus to help in live view mode - isn't magic lanthern doing something like this for some Canon model?  If so Canon just go a buy the software from them!



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