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I have been a long time reader, but haven't really posted much, but I am in a situation where I would love the feedback of you guys who have a lot more knowledge than I do on particular lenses.

I currently shoot senior portraits and wedding's. my current lineup consists of a 5d Mark 2, 50L, 85 1.8, 135L, 100L IS Macro, and 70-300L.   My plan is to sell the 70-300L, I love the lens, but it doesn't fit my purposes much, and I am a fan of the narrow DOF & Natural Light. So my plan is to purchase one of two lenses.

Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS II


Canon 85mm 1.2 II

I am wondering what you guys see as the bigger priority. A large part of me says the 70-200 for the versatility and fitting in an area I will be leaving with the loss of the 70-300. The other part is fixed on primes, I love them, I know some will say I need a wide prime then, but my 50 I find very versatile. I love the color on the images ive seen with the 85L and im wondering what you would think would be the best option. I understand I have the 85 1.8 already, but I really want the highest quality possible. I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance.

anyone have any input? any info is appreciated.

Although your situation is different than this thread. but the contents and dicussions are very similar. you might want to check them out.,3298.msg70403.html#msg70403

Mt Spokane Photography:
For portraits, the 85mmL is magnificent.  The 70-200mm f/2.8 will work, but like your 70-300, is not primarily a portrait lens.  You also might look at a 35mm L.

For me i would sell the 85 1.8 if you want the 85L. that way you wont have duplicates of lens and still have a nice practical zoom lens. You say it doesn't really fit your purpose but getting a 70-200 really fit your purpose that much better? Yes it does 2.8 but you have shorter focal length and weighs a ton!


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