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Author Topic: Best place to pre-order in Canada? (When the 5Dmkiii / 5Dx is announced...)  (Read 2547 times)


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I called my local shop (The Camera Store), and it turns out they've had a waiting list for a year or two for the 5Dmkii replacement.  For some reason they didn't require a deposit, so there's hundreds of people on the list.

Has anyone had positive experiences preordering cameras from Canadian stores? Any recommendations? 

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Has anyone had positive experiences preordering cameras from Canadian stores? Any recommendations?
Speak to Jeff Chevrier - 905.629.0100. He runs a Canon Pro shop in Mississauga. He will expect a deposit but he's reliable.


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@kev8d.  I live in Canada as well but I plan to buy my 5DmkIII and the 1DX from BH PhotoVideo online.  I bought all my "L" lens from them and was very satisfied...  I doubt very much it will take a full year to get our hands on this new camera though...maybe a few months but not a year...
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I have bought everything I have (and it's a lot) from Camera Canada. You won't find better customer service anywhere. I do this even though I am not that far from Calgary and could quite easily do the Camera Store.

There is no doubt that you can sometimes get things cheaper in the US but I never do that. If you start and stick with one retailer you can normally muscle yourself some better than posted pricing. I truly think it is important that we support our own domestic retailers.

When I get my 1DX it will be my 7th 1 series body and I have had several other dSLR's and point and shoot models all from Camera Canada. I've never had them not price match another published Canadian price.


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For some reason they didn't require a deposit

No reputable store would...   ::)
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