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14mm prime vs. 16-35mm zoom

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What would be the better purchase? Presently i shoot with a 7D with a decently filled out kit. What i do not have is a wide lens. I am not so concerned about the cost difference since they are both body punches to my wallet anyway! I will be buying a full frame in a few months, which i wish I would have bought initially. i just didn't know i would like photography so much.

I would say it depends on the lenses you already got in your bag. If you got anything wider than 50mm already then you could go for the 14mm, if your other lenses should only start at 70mm (or above) I would recommend the 16-35mm. I never tried the 14mm but have been using the 16-35 Mk2 for almost 2 years and love it. On a Crop Body it is a great walk around lense, particularly if you have nothing shorter than 70mm otherwise.

I took almost 50% of my pics with the 16-35 Mk2 (on an APS-C mainly), so there must be something about it, it's definitely more versatile than the 14mm.

If you should have a chance to try them both it should be easy to make a decision.

Of the two, my inclination would be the 16-35 II, but it depends entirely on how wide you need to go. 

What's "a few months"?  3?  6?  15?  If you have the funds right now, you could pick up the excellent Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 - it's wonderful on APS-C, but of course, not FF compatible.  I bought one (new, from Amazon), used it on my APS-C camera for 'a few months' (11, to be exact) before getting a 5DII then a 16-35 II.  At that point, I sold the 10-22mm, and lost $50 on the deal - a very cheap 11-month rental.  There's a rebate on the lens now - if you buy during a rebate, and sell when there's not one available, you'll take a minimal loss, if any.  Personally, I think it's worth it to get the lens that's best suited for the body you have today.

Saw in another thread you shoot architecture.  I strongly recommend a TS-E lens.  I find 24mm on FF wide enough, but for large buildings or interiors, the 17mm would be better (and be wide angle on APS-C).

One more note about the 10-22mm - it's got much less distortion than the 16-35mm. Distortion can be corrected in post, but the price is a decreased AoV and some loss of corner sharpness.

I too have been thinking about the 14mm because of the overall quality of a prime.  I guess it would be helpful if an owner of both did a side by side comparison.  I think th econtract of the 14mm is better, but the price...


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