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I want a better quality video For the 5dm3

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i want 1080 @ 60fps at least and 720 @ 120fps

this is what i do

Dmcc Round 6 // St-Eustache // Ksieb Films

The video will not load....

But I agree I want improved video. I want at least a 30 minute record time and the same file overlapping feature found in the 1Dx.

Yeah I fell ya! Great Video!! I also shoot mainly video with the 5d mark II and I haven't heard anything yet as far as video upgrades that would make me spend 3,500.00. I hope canon doesn't disappoint us! I heard that new nikon d800 is a beast. I love canon and want to upgrade but they have to do something great for us video people.

 I actually have a 5D II and I love it but I use it for music videography and short films. I haven't heard a lot of rumors on upgrades for the Mark III as far as video capabilities, that would make me buy one. Does anyone think there will be a big improvement in it's video quality or capabilities?

I'm surprised that nothing has been mentioned as the 5DII set the bar with DSLR video. I would think that they'd at the very least increase the frame rate to 60 in 720p. The recent photos show a headphone jack which is a plus.


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