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What are your plans with regards to purchasing a new camera

I'm buying the Mark III for $3500
181 (44.7%)
I'm keeping my Mark II since the Mark III is priced to high
92 (22.7%)
I'm selling my Mark II and buying a Nikon D800 for $2999
35 (8.6%)
I'm a crop owner (or first time buyer) and now I'm waiting for the Mark II Price drop.
69 (17%)
I'm waiting for the T4i specs before purchasing a 60d, 7d, or t3i.
17 (4.2%)
I'm just going to purchase a T3i, 60d, or 7d and call it a day.
11 (2.7%)

Total Members Voted: 405

Author Topic: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price  (Read 89626 times)


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« Reply #480 on: May 10, 2012, 03:24:58 AM »
I'm fed up of reading this forum today and hearing people complaining about the 5DIII pricing. Did you ever think it was going to sell for less than $2500? The prices will be lower when it hits the high street stores when it first comes out. But most importantly,

1) Do you NEED a 5DIII?

if not, shut up.

2) Can you afford a 5DIII now?

if not, shut up.

3) Can you ever afford a 5DIII?

if not, shut up.

4) If you can afford it but are not considering buying it

shut up

5) If you want to buy a 5DIII but will wait for a year when the price drops, then why are you complaining about the prices NOW? It is irrelevant.

shut up

6) If you actually need a 5DIII and really wanted to buy it now for pro use. Well done. You fall into the 5% of population here on this forum. Your opinion and rant is valid.

Everyone else, stop jumping on the bandwagon and stop complaining.
You shut up!!!
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Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« Reply #481 on: May 10, 2012, 03:35:56 AM »
To much whining - lets have some good news ;D