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Author Topic: Newsflash on 5D mark III price: It's cheaper than the 5D II intro price  (Read 31201 times)


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I keep seeing people posting about how they are dissatisfied with the 5D III price. Lets just look at the numbers:

Canon 5D Mark II intro price: 300,000 Yen
Canon 5D Mark III intro price: 270,000 Yen

Canon has always been a very rigid company with it's introductory pricing and has always priced successive products at the exact same price as previous generations, adjusted for inflation for the last 20 years. Their pricing has been so extremely consistent it deviates from the inflation rate in Japan less than a fraction of a percent.

Unfortunately, people tend to compare prices over time without adjusting for inflation.

That is adjusted for inflation... In Japan their inflation rate is something like -0.5% compared to the U.S.'s 2%.
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