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I just came across some talk and reviews on the Leica M9-P. This is a brand and camera I didn't know anything about. Having read about it and seen it...  :o

What the f***? I mean, just WHAT? I really, really... I DON'T GET IT. Leica M9-P. WHAT??

If one would want to go back to basic, why pay $8000 instead of buying a 20$ 20-year-old camera or turning your DSLR mode dial to "manual"?

Is there anybody who understands this Leica stuff? Anything more to be said than "you just have to try it" + aesthetic mysticism-like artistic rant?

How can such a thing exist?

Leica M9P:
But when I went into the shop the salesman told me it was the best to buy, so I did - did I waste my money? I have not unboxed it yet.

Leica M9P:
Oh no, I just rang my dealer and not only are there no zoom lenses made for it but I cannot take photos using the screen on the back - I have to hold the camera near my face!!!!!


Just go to:


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